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Navn Brother Innovis 800E aka. Unicorn 🦄
Kort beskr. Broderimaskine
Indehaver HAL9k
Tilladt brug Use allowed

Se også #embroidery på Slack.

The embroidery machine can stitch patterns based on DST files (Tajima Embroidery Format) via its USB port. Inkscape can export DST files using the InkStitch Plug-in.

  1. Install InkStitch and Restart Inkscape.
  2. Go to Extensions → Ink/Stitch → Print (If error, see section below).
  3. After a while, a window should appear showing a preview of the generated stitch pattern.
  4. Close the window.
  5. You can now export to DST. Go to Extensions → Ink/Stitch → Embroider.. and choose DST.
  6. Alternatively you can save to DST from the Files → Save As.. Dialog.


Materials Ok? Tension
Stof&Stil 12xxx (polyester) yes 2
Stof&Stil 13xxx yes 3, 2?
Brother #90 (polyester, white) yes ?

Q: Inkscape cannot find InkStitch Extension

A: Make sure is directly in the extensions folder, and not in a sub-folder. Check Preferences → System and see the path to your extension folder.

Errors on opening print preview / Exporting to DST with InkStitch

The error dialog will tell you what ID in the SVG file is causing the issue.

  1. Open the XML editor in Inkscape using Ctrl+Shift+X.
  2. Select the problematic path (fx 'path968') in the XML.
  3. Move the path out of the document and try again (Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Alt+V is your friend here).
  4. Run Print again and see what other paths are causing trouble. Remove them the same way.

If you have large complex shapes, you may need to divide them into smaller parts to identify what part of the shape is causing InkStitch to complain.

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