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 +====== Spartan II Demo Board ======
 +^ QR-ID    | HQR30, HQR31, HQR32, HQR33, HQR34          |
 +^ Navn  | Spartan II Demo Board |  
 +^ Kort beskr.    | Spartan II Demo Board, Xilinx XC2S100 FPGA, small LCD |
 +^ Indehaver | HAL9k |
 +^ Tilladt brug | Use allowed |
 +Venligst doneret af University College Nordjylland, Technology & Business Department.
 +Program with JTAG programmer. Some kits contain one with a parallel port interface on the PC side.
 +This development board is unfortunately no longer for sale and so there isn't that much information online about it.
 +[[ |Memec Design Spartan-II LC Development Kit]]  [[|User Guide]]
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