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 +====== Precise Kerf Compensation in Inkscape ======
 +The "​Kerf"​ is the width of a groove made by a cutting tool, e.g. the width of the gap left by the lasersaur laser when cutting, which is approximately 0.3 mm.
 +Here's how to take any inkscape drawing and compensate for the kerf, such that the resulting cut shape is closer to the intended dimensions.
 +Measure material thickness before drawing! If material is 5.6 mm and you draw assuming 6 mm, you still wont get tight fits.
 +  - Recommended:​ Ungroup and/or break apart into individual paths
 +  - Select all paths you want to modify (Ctrl+A)
 +  - Set **Stroke Width** to **0.3 mm** (typical lasersaur kerf/cut width) (Ctrl+Shift+F > Stroke Style > Width)
 +  - Convert **Stroke to Path** (Path > Stroke to Path). This will create a narrow filled area where the path was.
 +  - **Break apart** the result (Path > Break Apart). This will separate the inner and outer path. They are now both completely filled areas.
 +  - To see them as two individual paths, set *Fill None*, *Stroke Solid Black*. You now have two paths for each shape.
 +  - Remove inner path or outer path depending on whether it's a shape or hole
 +The resulting line will be exactly 0.15 mm offset from the original line, so that the kerf (having 0.3 mm diameter) should cut right up to the original path.
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