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 +====== 3D scanner ======
 +//Note to Flemming: If the project is not active I would like to hi-jack the page. I've been granted 2k5 in funding, so I'll be starting hacking soon. - Alex//
 +//Project is not dead. I have all the hardware neeeded and nearly all the Arduino software ready. But at least to finish something I stopped working on it until my [[projects:​prusamendel-3dprinter|]] is finished. Maybe we can split the page in two
 +  * 1 with 
 +my off the shell parts
 +  * 1 with you version where you make evering - incl. the software from schratch
 +===== Software =====
 +[[http://​​en/​Main/​Software|Arduino Software]]
 +[[http://​​section=Downloads|David 3D Scanner]]
 +===== Status =====
 +Planning and acquiring parts
 +===== Random Links =====
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