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 +====== FIBUA Targets ======
 +  * Timer
 +  * 5-6 mobile targets
 +  * Breach sensor
 +  * Controller
 +  * Interface
 +  * Power source
 +===== Parts Explained=====
 +=== Timer ===
 +Big 10x60 cm LED timer which starts counting up when the strike team enters the room.\\
 +After the last target is hit the timer should stop and display the time until reset for next round.
 +=== Targets ===
 +20x20 cm metal plates, when hit the target turns - 90 degrees and should register a hit.\\
 +When reset the target should either:\\
 +1. wait until the lightbeam is broken and turn + 90 degrees to reveal it self\\
 +2. turn immediately + 90 degrees \\
 + and wait for hit registration.\\
 +Each target needs a motor of some sort to turn it around.
 +Target prototype as of 11/6:\\
 +{{:​projects:​imag1375.jpg?​400|Target Prototype}}{{ :​projects:​imag1376.jpg?​400|Side view}}\\
 +Video of the prototype:​\\
 +=== Breach sensor ===
 +A (hopefully) simple circuit which registers when a light beam is broken in which case all the targets should turn (if desired) and the timer should start counting.
 +=== Interface ===
 +Simple and should be operable with switches and buttons.\\
 +A switch for singleshot/​doubletap\\
 +A switch for choosing between option 1 & 2 as seen in the target section.\\
 +A button to reset\\
 +===== Progress =====
 +As of 12/06-11 there is a semi-working prototype. But apparently the piezo-sensor on the back of the target is picking up far to much and the spike from the piezo blows out the mosfet, hence semi.
 +Need to work around this problem.
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