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 +====== Food Maker ======
 +A machine for making ready-to-eat food from basic ingredients.
 +For example:\\
 +Input: pasta, tomato paste, etc.\\
 +Press button\\
 +Output: Spaghetti bolognese\\
 +For example:\\
 +Input: potatoes\\
 +Press button\\
 +Output: pommes frites (French fries)\\
 +===== Sauce Stirrer =====
 +Thingy for mounting on a pot, that will stir the sauce. Speed should be adjustable, the stirrer should be detachable.
 +===== Time-temperature controlled boiler =====
 +Immersion boiler, Arduino, temperature sensor.
 +===== Related links =====
 +[[|Youghurt maker]]
 +[[|Immersion cooker]]
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