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 +====== Smashing Oranges Using Centrifugal Force ======
 +The orange is a great fruit, it works well as ordnance for orange guns but also tastes great. This project will employ the latter feature.
 +The idea is that by spinning the orange fast enough around it's own center of gravity, to the point where it explodes from the centrifugal force, the juice can be extracted in a much more extreme (and thus better) fashion than merely squeezing the orange.
 +===== Plan =====
 +  * Some device for keeping the orange in place must be constructed, prefereably not something that pierces the skin of the orange, as this might weaken the structure, leading to lower rotational speed.
 +  * A motor must be fitted with the proper gearing for reaching the high speeds.
 +  * A screen for collecting juice and orange shrapnel, must be constructed. (It should also protect humans in the vicinity in case of failure)