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 +====== Coffee Automaton for Teaching about Mechanics/Software ======
 +We have a Wittenborg FB 5100, in almost working condition.
 +The plan is to expose the inner workings of the machine, such that people can find out: "How does a coffee machine actually work?"
 +  - We should rip out the controller, and replace it with a manual key-panel for controlling the different motors, the boiler, and leds for the different sensors and display for temperature of water {{}}
 +  - Build in plexiglass plates as much as possible, such that the inner workings can be seen
 +  - The automaton should now be able to be operated manually, and produce hot black liquid
 +    - Bonus points for building in safe guards, i.e. not allowing the motors to run outside their safety areas
 +  - Build a very friendly interface for "programming" it, maybe something drag-and-drop of different actions
 +    - "Coffee button press" => run coffee grinder for x secs; run brewer motor for x steps ; run brewer motor backwards until pressure contact is pressed
 +    - Maybe something inspired by Turtle/Logo or whatever it's called: It's a GUI for programming how a Turtle should move to draw patterns
 +  - Built a controller that will be used "ordinarily" that allows giving out coffee using an RFID brick
 +===== People =====
 +  * mchro