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Coffee Automaton for Teaching about Mechanics/Software

We have a Wittenborg FB 5100, in almost working condition.


The plan is to expose the inner workings of the machine, such that people can find out: “How does a coffee machine actually work?”

  1. We should rip out the controller, and replace it with a manual key-panel for controlling the different motors, the boiler, and leds for the different sensors and display for temperature of water smart_20control_20panel.jpg
  2. Build in plexiglass plates as much as possible, such that the inner workings can be seen
  3. The automaton should now be able to be operated manually, and produce hot black liquid
    1. Bonus points for building in safe guards, i.e. not allowing the motors to run outside their safety areas
  4. Build a very friendly interface for “programming” it, maybe something drag-and-drop of different actions
    1. “Coffee button press” ⇒ run coffee grinder for x secs; run brewer motor for x steps ; run brewer motor backwards until pressure contact is pressed
    2. Maybe something inspired by Turtle/Logo or whatever it's called: It's a GUI for programming how a Turtle should move to draw patterns
  5. Built a controller that will be used “ordinarily” that allows giving out coffee using an RFID brick


  • mchro
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