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Working equipment

  • Sharp XV-315P Projector branded - Emil
  • Network Photocopier (print, scan and fax). Up to A3. Moving to new location not included - Flemming
  • 24 port switch - Flemming
  • Some small steppers (+20) Stepper - Flemming
  • Magnetic stirrer (Like - but not the same - Flemming
  • Some laboratory equipment (glassware) - Flemming
  • 24volt Peristaltic pump - Flemming
  • rystepudser - Flemming
  • elektrisk høvl - Flemming

Broken-but-can-be-fixed equipment

  • Phillips 200WS - disassembled, works for a few seconds when turned on, then turns off again. Internal power works. - Emil
  • Dell E171FP - Internal power works fine, doesn't detect when plugged into monitor. Branded - Emil

Completely broken equipment

  • Flatron 1715S - Power unit probably broken. Branded - Emil
  • Canon Powershot G7 - Mainboard and DC module needs to be replaced. - Emil

Branded equipment

The branding looks like this

Equipment was going to get thrown out, and I thought it might be possible to find a new home for it at HAL9K. If need be we can probably get an official letter stating that the equipment has been donated to HAL9K.

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