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PrintrBot Jr

Navn PrintrBot Jr
Kort beskr. 3D-printer
Indehaver HAL9k
Tovholder mchro, jbr
Tilladt brug Some hacking allowed, introduktion til 3D printer spørg på slack

We have a PrintrBot Jr. Adjustments to the config is currently ongoing, to get it into a more usable state.

Maybe good quick reference:

Improvements to be made

A list of improvements that would make the printer even more awesome.

Things to print:

Drive Train Belt - DONE!

Standard M8 Z-Axis - DONE!

Heated Bed - IN PROGRESS

Alternative: Acrylic Bed

A cheaper/simpler alternative might be an acrylic bed, see

Various improvements

New (extra) gears, better drivetrain.

Bowden Extruder - DONE!

These are for 1.75mm filament

This one is for 3mm filament

Maybe shop at

  • J50000604 Teflon Tube 50m · PTFE, 6/4
  • EC80K-0614 Push-in hex Nipple · BR, 6 × 1/4“
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