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Aktive SMD-komponenter

I sort antistatisk kasse, mærket HQR1174.

Nr Komponent
1 LED 0603 hvid
2 LED 0603 rød
3 LED 0603 gul
4 LED 0603 grøn
5 LED 0603 blå
Nr Komponent
13 Transistor SOT23 MMBT3904 (NPN 40V/200mA)
14 Transistor SOT23 MMBT3906 (PNP 40V/200mA)
15 Transistor SOT23 IRLML2402 (Enhancement NMOS 20V/1.2A)
17 Transistor SOT23 BSS138 (Enhancement NMOS 50V/0.22A)
Nr Komponent
25 Transistor SOT223 ZXMN4A06G (Enhancement NMOS 40V/7A)
26 Transistor SOT23 BSS138 Logic Level Enhancement NMOS 50V/0.2A
27 Transistor SOT23 BSS84 Logic Level Enhancement PMOS 50V/0.13A
28 Transistor TO252 FDD8447L Logic Level Enhancement NMOS 40V/50A
29 Transistor TO252 FQD12N20 Enhancement NMOS 200V/9A
30 Transistor TSOP-6 BSL207SP Enhancement PMOS 20V/6A
Nr Komponent
37 Diode DO-214AA SS34 (Schottky 40V/3A)
38 Diode DO-214AC MBRA210LT3 (Schottky 10V/2A)
39 Diode DO-214AC 1N4007 (1000V/1A)
40 Diode SOT-23 BAT54A Schottky (30V/0.2A, fælles anode)
41 Diode SOT-23 BAT54C Schottky (30V/0.2A, fælles katode)
Nr Komponent
49 Current sensor SOIC-8 (+-10A 290V) ACS723
Nr Komponent
61 Voltage regulator SOT223 AMS1117-3.3 3.3V/1A
62 Quad op amp SOP-14 LM324
63 Quad op amp SOP-14 TL074
64 Dual op amp SOP-8 TL072
65 Voltage regulator DPAK-3 78M05 5V/0.5A
Nr Komponent
73 Hex voltage-level shifter TSSOP-16 CD4504
Nr Komponent
85 Hex open-collector buffer SOIC-14 74LVC07
86 Quad 2-input AND gate SOIC-14 74HCT08
87 Triple 3-input NAND gate TSSOP-14 74LV10
88 Triple 3-input NAND gate SOIC-14 74LVC10
89 Triple 3-input AND gate SOIC-14 74LV11
Nr Komponent
97 Crystal 12.000 MHz 3.2*2.5
Nr Komponent
133 SD-card socket
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