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Prototype enamel pin process


  • Metal plate (copper, brass, bronze)
  • Photoresist
  • Etching agent (ferric chloride)
  • Overlay sheet (for use as a mask)
  • Durable clear coat
  • Paint

Step 1

Prepare a mask pattern for the part of the design that need to be raised/lowered. Then print the mask on the overlay sheet.

Step 2

Cover the front of the metal plate in photoresist, then apply the mask and expose. After exposing the front processed to covering the side and back, and exposing them with a mask.

Step 3

Etch the design into the metal plate by dipping it in ferric chloride. Depending on how long the plate is in the solution the design gets embossed deeper. When done clean off the photoresist.

Step 4

Paint or print the color design onto the metal plate.

Step 5

Cut out the the design either by hand, or on a CNC router. Remember to polish the the edges on the cut out pieces.

Step 6

Cover the pieces in durable clear coat.

Step 7

Add an attach mechanism, suggested is either a needle with cap, or a safety needle.

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