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FIBUA Targets

  • Timer
  • 5-6 mobile targets
  • Breach sensor
  • Controller
  • Interface
  • Power source

Parts Explained


Big 10×60 cm LED timer which starts counting up when the strike team enters the room.
After the last target is hit the timer should stop and display the time until reset for next round.


20×20 cm metal plates, when hit the target turns - 90 degrees and should register a hit.
When reset the target should either:
1. wait until the lightbeam is broken and turn + 90 degrees to reveal it self
2. turn immediately + 90 degrees
and wait for hit registration.
Each target needs a motor of some sort to turn it around.

Target prototype as of 11/6:
Target PrototypeSide view
Video of the prototype:

Breach sensor

A (hopefully) simple circuit which registers when a light beam is broken in which case all the targets should turn (if desired) and the timer should start counting.


Simple and should be operable with switches and buttons.
A switch for singleshot/doubletap
A switch for choosing between option 1 & 2 as seen in the target section.
A button to reset


As of 12/06-11 there is a semi-working prototype. But apparently the piezo-sensor on the back of the target is picking up far to much and the spike from the piezo blows out the mosfet, hence semi. Need to work around this problem.

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