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Inventory List

Item Vendor Quantity Note
Development tray 10×8“ Paterson 3
Development tray 12×15” Paterson 6
Development Tank System4 35mm Paterson 1
Development Tank System4 Universal body Paterson 2
Development Tank System4 Multi-unit body 2 Paterson 1 Takes approx. 6x35mm films
Test Strip Printer Paterson 1
Micro Focus Finder Paterson 2
Openmus II enlarger Meopta 1
Axomat II enlarger Meopta 1
Openmus Standard 2 Meopta 1
EL 50mm F2.8 Lens Nikkor 1
Ysaron 75mm F4.5 Lens Rodenstock 1
35mm Film loader Füllfix 1
Daylight development tank Agfa 1
Croping/framing board Hanza 1
Contact Proof Printer Paterson 1
Darkroom back Noname 1
Force Film Washer Paterson 1
Timer for enlarger Mafi 1
Wide variety of film adapters for the enlarger Noname
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