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Whitehouse Lock

Foreløbig indkøbsliste

  Abloy EL412 
  2x 12v lader (fra biltema)
  2x 12v blyakkumulator (fra biltema)
  Noget sikring til batteri + sikringsboks
  1x Arduino
  1x Strøm til Arduino (24v -> 5v)
  1x Prototyping shield til Arduino
  4x RS485 dil-pakker (MAX487) OK
  1x D-sub 9 hun OK
Dør og bipper:
  2x MOS-FET RFD14N05 + det løse
  2x RFID-læser til Arduino
  1x Matrix Keypad OK 
  2x RGB-lysdiode OK
  1x Bipper OK, bruger den fra nuværednde installation
  2x Kasse OK
  1x Søkris net4801
  1x VT220 Terminal
  1x Strømstik

RS485 communication

Example implementation

The MAX487 chip only allows half-duplex. This means that the receiver and transmitter must switch between RX and TX mode internally as well as on the enable pins on the level-converter.

The protocol will be Modbus RTU for which many implementations exists. The server (“grisen”) will be the master.

Bus connection

Pin out for the 8P8C modular plug socket in the server box (“Grisen”).

Position Use Colour code for EIA-568-B
Pos. 1 ++ (12 V dc) Orange/white
Pos. 2 ++ (12 V dc) Orange
Pos. 3 – (Common) Green/white
Pos. 4 “X-”/inverting Blue
Pos. 5 “X+”/non-inverting Blue/white
Pos. 6 – (common) Green
pos. 7 Not connected Brown/white
pos. 8 Not connected Brown

The Cat5e cable going to the front door is wired by the EIA-568-B colour code, whereas the other cables in the structured cabling uses EIA-568-A colours.


The door-arduino has the following registers:

1. status
2. rfid
x. pincode1-4
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