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Vindmølle Generator

this idea come from a site that build home wind turbine from cheep materials and stuff that was taken out from other machine. from this weary god drawings Link that illustrate whare to cut the wings.

1. version

the first version was just to see the design was possible to turn and vertical as horizontally and just a test

after the dammage the storm in nov 2011

2. version

the second version I will have a more stability so I build it from metal exactly Aluminium because the low wind it have to turn

the knob in ALU from scrap ALU plate
2013 .okt after Longtime I decided to invest in a PRO windmill 60watt, in the .okt storm ti fell of and broke the blade ring, so I clip the other site site off. but it make less power then my own design, rutland504.jpg


2014 .sep so the status is to build a m/s power inverter to my 24Ah lithium battery (LiFePo4). and maybe high pole to get it over the tree limit. I also looking foreword to make more efficient windmill blade and hub.

2015 April the next step is to make sure the windmill and the converter not drain the battery while the is no wind. therefore I will make an detector to see when the windmill has much power to charge, if not some relay will cot the power line from windmill to the battery. I have also get more Battery to my Battery bank so it has more power to my Car battery converter. The big challenge is that the construction have large voltage range to work on and not use only little power so the windmill will not stop.

I have also Looked at the solar dev. open source platform ElectroDacus

New Wing

Just for fun create a Wing design, with 3 circle design Thingivers test and not for printing, only for view how it will look after assembly, to make it with test material,

Member :Ivan V Holm

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