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Anycubic Vyper

Navn Anycubic Vyper
Kort beskr. 3D-printer
Build Volume 245mm(L)×245(W)×260mm(H)
Indehaver Hal9k
Lokale Lasergrotten
Tilladt brug No hacking allowed. Kun PLA. Leave name tag on printer when in use.


The printer can either be used via an SD-card, or via Octoprint for some more advanced features.

Using SD-card

Cura has a standard profile for the Vyper. Cura on the 3D Printing PC also has this profile.

Copy GCODE file to an SD card and insert the card into the printer.

Note: GCODE files must be placed in the root directory of the SD card.

Leave a name tag on the printer when in use.

Using Octoprint

Octoprint is not online and no longer maintained

  • Cura has a standard profile for the Vyper. Cura on the 3D Printing PC also has this profile.
  • Save the GCODE file to your machine.
  • Open and login to Octoprint. The username and password can be found in a pinned message in the #octoprint Slack channel.
  • If the printer icon in the top bar is grey, press it to turn on the printer.
  • On the left under “Status” click connect if the printer is not already connected.
  • Under the files panel on the left, click on the Upload button and upload your GCODE file.
  • Then select the file you just uploaded, and click on the printer icon (it has the help text “Load and Print”).
  • The printer will now warm up and begin to print.

Print status is available in the #octoprint Slack channel, along with some basic controls. Try typing “@PrintBot help”.

Pause at height

In Cura there is an extension to insert GCode to pause at a specified height (layer number) in the print (e.g. for inserting embedded nuts or other objects), however, the firmware of Vyper does not support resuming after the pause. As a workaround it is possible to send the M108 GCode command manually. e.g via the terminal in OctoPrint. (Check the connection to the printer before starting the print, to make sure you can execute the command.)

If printing over the inserted object, it may be a good idea to preheat the object on the print bed before inserting and resuming the print.


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