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Photo Lab

The purpose of this page is to gather information on and organize the development of an in-house photography lab

Prices Inventory

Useful references

Equipment and chemicals

  • Vefa foto Vejle Danish supplier of darkroom equipment and mainly Ilford chemicals.
  • Macodirect German supplier of a broad range of chemicals and darkroom equipment. CHEAP

Development techniques


  • Another book that we have in the hackspace from Canon I think

Lab inventory list

Development equipment

  • Peterson
  • asdf
  • adsf

Lab cameras

  • Nikon F1 with the full Monty

Red Light for printing B/W photos

  • One option is a red bulb, but as the photo below show it does not give much light
  • Therefore I modded an old halogen worklight with energy saving bulbs
  • Each bulb can be turned individually

Normal red bulb

Modded halogen worklight


Floor plan

To do

  • Get hold of chemical proof sink and table - DONE!
  • Transform the big toilet to a photo lab with wet and dry table (thats two)
  • Decide on and buy chemicals - DONE, oveview will be posted later
  • Buy photo paper in different shapes and sizes - DONE, however only one size currently approx half that of A4
  • Fix a negative scanner ( or make a setup with a DSLR )
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